Kebo Almond

Kebo Almond is an active BFA, EBFA, NBHA and competitor.

He was married in 1997 to April and they had their first child Alex in 1998. Kebo has been training barrel horses professionally since 1993.

His Dad barrel raced at Horse Shows before Kebo was born but quit competing when Kebo came along. Kebo grew up around horses on a 200 acre cattle farm helping with the cattle. When he was little he had a pony that he rode all the time and showed once a year at the local Horse Show, but he had to ride the pony to the show.

He was to small for Sports so he used his size as an advantage in Motor Cross and eventually in Barrel Racing. He and his brother started participating in Motor Cross when Kebo was 15. It took Kebo a year to get good enough to start winning but the expense was to high to justify continuing. When he started in Motor Cross he was riding an 80 and when he quit he was on a 125. So, his barrel racing career started when he was 18 years old and turned professional in 1993.

Kebo has had some special horses in the last few years. One that stood out for Kebo was ‘Dixie Thistle’, in 1995 the pair won the SBRA Futurity, took 2nd in the Lazy E Futurity and placed 5th at the NBHA World Championships out of 800 horses. ‘On A Hyper Cloud’ was his best horse, she died in Dec. 99. Kebo saw her as the horse that could carry him to a World Championship. She was versatile, able to run in small and big pens. She fell at the 1999 Speedhorse and never traveled right after that. Stress brought on several symptoms that couldn’t be controlled with medicine and she died in Dec. 99. Another good horse he has is ‘Non Stop Locomotion’ a stallion that he will be running at AQHA shows to qualify him for points.He is always looking for good horses to campaign and owners who are interested in promoting their horses.

“My goal is to win a big Futurity east of the Mississippi. I would like to see Barrel Racing grow to the point where it can provide a good living for those in the industry, where more spectators can enjoy themselves and Sponsors can benefit from the good people I’ve meet through the years in the great sport of ‘Barrel Racing’.”

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