Tiffany Reann Wolven


This event has been rescheduled for Jan 19, 2013 due to rain this week.  It has been moved to Mt Selma Arena (a covered pen)

Benefit Entry Form  and Flyer 

Exhibitions start at 10 A.M. and open at noon. There has been 5 buckles donated, one for each D & fastest time in the youth, and Trophy halters to Reserve Champion of each D for Open winners.  Be sure and check out the items for the Silent Auction.

Lots of extremely nice silent auction stuff was donated the week before the original race date. I am working on getting buckles or halters for the Pole Winners. Pre entries are still available for the event.

My deepest apologies for having to cancel again. Look forward to seeing you all Jan 19th at the Mt Selma Arena. Please call me with any questions 903-952-5391 or email .

About Tiffany

Tiffany is a 22 month old that has a rare genetic disorder that has led to her having to have multiple surgeries on her head and stomach. She was diagnosed with an encepholcele at birth. The encepholcele was a skin covered cyst on the back of her head that had a small portion of her brain in it, along with spinal fluid. This required surgery when she was 10 weeks old. A portion of her brain had to be removed and the encepholcele repaired. The whole in her skull had to be left open to allow for healing, her head was too small to repair.

She was diagnosed with Arnold Chari III malformation, Meckle Grubber Syndrome, and Sandiford Syndrome. Since March she has had 5 stomach operations, and a VP shunt placed in her head. Tiffany is facing more surgeries on her back and eyes around the first of the year. She also has a heart condition with a small hole in her heart. She requires private duty nursing for her care  and medical equipment (oxygen, pulse ox monitor, and feeding pump). She is listed as day to day status meaning due to her condition, she could pass away at any time from seizures.

Medical expenses are over whelming for the family. They travel to Houston several times a month for doctor appointments. The family needs help with medical expenses and transportation cost. If you would like to help Tiffany please make donations to Tiffany Wolven at any Austin Bank. If you would like to find out how to help the family you can e-mail the wolven family at .

If you cannot donate please offer up a prayer to Tiffany and the family.


Tammy and Mike Wolven