7th Annual Summer Dash $3500 Cash + $4300 Award Certificates

Online Pre Entries Open Thru 4/24, online entries Open thru May 9th at 5pm

$20 Late Fee Per Rider applies as of 4/24

Dress code required

Saturday May 11  –  8:00am–Race office opens.
Open 5D Race 1 starts at 2 pm – $1,500 Added 
Future Fortunes Entries – copy of Horse Papers showing current owner to be included with this entry.  Email to office@cbtproductions.com
Sunday May 13 8am–Office opens. Church Sunday TBA
Open 5D Race 1 starts at 9 am – $1,500 Added

Revolution Barrel Racing Qualifier — $150 EF, 80% Payback, This optional sidepot can be a separate run(s) or your CBT Open 5D run(s) can be a c/o to the RBR sidepot. The sidepot payout will be completed by RBR. See full race rules for more information.

In order to run in the RBR qualifier, you will have to be a current RBR member or you can purchase a  RBR membership on-site.

All stall and RV hookups will be through the Tri-State Fairgrounds. Facility address: 3301 E 10th Ave, Amarillo, Texas 79104. Stalls will open at 1pm Friday, cost is $25 per day. Shavings sold on-site. Stalls and RVs will be taken care of on-site by the facility. No stall or RV reservations will be accepted.
Pre-draw will be posted on May 5th at www.CBTProductions.com and on www.ebarrelracing.com

Held at Amarillo National Center, Amarillo, Tx