American Jr Rodeo Assoc 2021-2022 Membership Form

2021-2022 AJRA Membership Form

  • The yearly dues are based on a Family Plan -- 1st child $100.00, 2nd child $75.00, 3rd child $50.00, 4th child $25.00, with the 5th or more receiving a free membership. If this form is being used to cover acomplimentary membership in which there are multiple family members, then this form will cover the last member. The membership runs from August to August each year. The Age Group that a member will compete in is based on the July 31, 2022 cut off date. Proof of age must accompany this application (email copies of Birth Certificates to If any of the above information is found to be false, your membership is automatically terminated and your dues, points and point standings are forfeited. The burden of proof lies with the member in case of question relative to the above information.
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  • By submitting this application electronically, I (we), the undersigned parent('s) do fully agree and consent to the participation of our child in any and all Junior Rodeos approved by The American Junior Rodeo Association and in consideration for permitting our child to participate as a contestant in such rodeos, we hereby consent and fully acknowledge the following: "AJRA members and permit holders acknowledge that rodeos are dangerous activities and that participation in a rodeo as a competitor, and independent contractor, or volunteer, exposes the participation to a substantial and serious risk of property damage, personal injury or death. AJRA members and permit holders acknowledge that participation in AJRA sanctioned rodeos will involve such a hazard. Being fully aware that participation in AJRA sanctioned rodeos will expose said member or permit holder to substantial and serious risk of property damage and/or personal injury or death, said member or permit holder releases AJRA, sponsors, and AJRA sanctioned rodeo production entity, their affiliated, related or subsidiary companies, and the officers, directors, employees, and agents of each entity or organization from liability for any and all property damage, personal injuries or other claims arising from participation in AJRA Sanctioned rodeos, including claims that are known
    and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen, future or contingent. AJRA members and permit holders shall not now or at any time in the future, directly or indirectly, commence or prosecute any action, suit, or other proceeding against the before mentioned arising out of or related to the actions, causes of action, claims and demands hereby waived, released or discharged by AJRA member or permit holder. This provision shall be binding upon each AJRA member or permit holder, his/her spouse, legal representatives, heirs, successors, and assigns. I (we) further certify that our child is not and has never been married.

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