BRAT Race #12

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Online Entries Open March 27 at 10am – April 14 at 12pm
At Star Ranch in Cresson, Tx
Saddle Pads will be awarded to nominated division winners in Youth and Open.
Books Open 8:00am, Exhibitions 9:00am
Slack–Limited to first 100 (more exhibitions will follow slack)
2:00pm, Open 5D (Adult & Senior incentives optional) Youth and Open 5D will be ran together in ONE CLASS! Youth and Open will be ran together as one class like they have been in slack.

FEES Open 5D, $30.00 (1/2 second splits) Youth 4D, $25.00 (15 & under; 1/2, 1/2, whole second splits) Incentive classes,$25.00 (Optional Sidepot; Adult 16-49 Senior 50+) Exhibitions, $5.00 Arena Fee, $5.00 (one-time fee/waived if nominated for awards) Arena Fee is WAIVED if you nominate for awards! Youth & Open: Optional $10 Nomination fee for prizes for frst horse and $5 for each additional horse UPCOMING BRAT BARREL RACES: BRAT ATTACK • MAY 5-7 2017 SOMERVELL COUNTY EXPO CENTER GLEN ROSE, TEXAS