Pre Draw Online Entries Open thru Mar 31 at 6pm, Online Entries open until April 2, 6pm


Custom 5 Star Splint Boots to winners of each D in Open and Yth!!

Office Opens 8:30am
Slack Exh 9am (limit 50) followed by more exh 12-1:30
Open 5D 2pm, 1/2 sec splits, equal payout $1,000 Added!
Yout will have option to Carry Over to the Open or just enter the Youth.  Youth will be 4D, 1/2, 1/2, 1 sec splits.  Must be 15 yr or younger as of May 1 2019.

Adult 4D Inc (16-49), Senior 4D Inc (50+) age as of May 1 2019, PBRIP all 1/2 sec splits equal payback.   Money Maker 4D Sidepot, 1/2 sec split, 80% progressive payback.

Entries taken until last runner

Poles Exh & 3D Poles to follow (1 sec splits)

Open 5D – $35 – $1000 Added
Incentives – $25 (Yth, Adult, Sr, PBRIP)
Money Maker Sidepot – $45
Poles 3D – $30 $150 Added
Exh $5 each
Optional Nomination for awards: Open or Yth $10 first horse, $5 for each additional horse.
Arena Fee – $5 one time, waived if nominating for Awards.

Pre Entries must be postmarked by Fri March 27, online entries will close Thur April 2.

Pre DRAW will be posted by Tues night, March 31, entries recieved after Tues 6pm will be added as they are recieved.

Go to for complete info.