July Explosion $10,000 Added & RFDTV American Qualifier

Online Entries Open May 29th – June 22nd at midnight


June 29 – July 1 Marshall, Tx. Mail In Pre Entries Due June 18th.

FRIDAY – Warm up $1,000 Added – B/O 8am – Exh 9am until 5:00pm (Sold on tickets) – Show at 5:30pm.

Saturday $4,000 Added – B/O 8am – Show at 8:30am.  Will run 415 prior to the American Qualifier.  AQ at 8pm, if more than 415 in Open rest will run after AQ.

Sunday $4,000 Added – Church at 8am – Show at 9am – $300 Added APHA PBRIP sun only. Average $1,000 Added. Must be entered Saturday and Sunday to qualify to enter the Average. Books open until last 25 riders each day – No Phone in Entries taken – Stalls/RV Sharon 318-469-1366 or Callie 318-456-5857. Race info Martha Reyenga 318-560-7583 or warranchnorth@bellsouth.net