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Draw Name Class Horse Team Time
15 Ericka Miller Novice Gracie Chicks that Kick 16.291
12 Tammie Goldston Novice Lightning with a Flash Panhandle Elite 16.324
20 Katelyn Scott Novice Genuine Rednie Family Feud 16.365
8 Terra Gernetz Novice Celestial Perks What! 16.587
21 Lizzy Her Novice DH Streakin Handcock Last call 16.700
13 Devan Macha Novice Birdie Runnin Rebels 16.734
3 Jacey Smothers Novice Driftwood Reyna Sweet Home Alabama 16.987
19 Bethany Hendricks Novice Wicked Sparkler Smokin Ponytails 17.095
9 Katelyn Scott novice Sophia Class Act 17.111
17 Holly Williams Novice Hollywood Rafter C 17.235
7 Fallon Riley Novice Effortlessly Faming Running Gunnin Rileys 17.315
5 Larissa Jo Merritt Novice Flamin Fast Guy No Regrets 17.379
1 Lizzy Her Novice PC Boon Day Voss Buckshot Welding 17.547
22 Lizzy Her Novice Dee Valentino 17.618
6 Kathy Lisenbee Novice BF Lil Red Chigger Need for Speed 17.906
2 Kelly McTill Novice Cuties Drifting Start Barrel Babes 17.952
10 April Gomez Novice Sugar A Team 18.129
4 Bethany Owen novice Tomboy Lynx beasleys Bombshells 18.166
14 Delaney Delarosa Novice Ima Blazes Story Chaos 18.414
11 Pam Deaver Novice Mr. JB0923 Premiere Gal 22.325
16 Lizzy Her Novice Fast Firin Case Country Cowgirls 22.630
18 Autumn Hines Novice A Little Rare Bar X 23.284