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OFFICIAL 5D Open WTBRA Standings 2013-2014
Name Standings
Kathy Lisenbee 1D Champion
Leslie Harrison 1D Reserve Champion
Destiny Hatfield 3rd – 1D
Delaney Delarosa 4th – 1D
Wyn D’Lee Roberts 5th – 1D
Peggy Bleiker 6th – 1D
Amber Barrett 7th – 1D
2D Open
Abbey Garner 2D Champion
Kaiden Roberts 2D Reserve Champion
Jenny Bufkin 3rd – 2D
Josie Fladager 4th – 2D
Karen Ray 5th – 2D
Lynn Newman 6th – 2D
3D Open
Cheryl Audas 3D Champion
Briana Luna 3D Reserve Champion
Cheyenne Greer 3rd – 3D
Casey Guess 4th – 3D
Tonya Anderson 5th – 3D
Kay Griffith 6th – 3D
Dalane Morgan 7th – 3D
Tilden Gutierrez 8th – 3D
4D Open
Becky Rosson 4D Champion
Gigi Robinson 4D Reserve Champion
Amanda Maxfield 3rd – 4D
Bianca Dos Santos 4th – 4D
Jennifer Henderson 5th – 4D
Zach Powers 6th – 4D
Darlene Hopkins 7th – 4D
Laura Johnson 8th – 4D
5D Open
Corie Scheets 5D Champion
Ashlee Maxfield 5D Reserve Champion
Lasey Johnson 3rd – 5D
Donna Protsman 4th – 5D
Sarah Cazedessus 5th – 5D
Chaelyn Blumentstock 6th – 5D
Anne Henderson 7th – 5D
Brylee Powers 8th – 5D
Haily Norvelle 9th – 5D