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Since 2003 Equivent has offered Barrel Racers the convenience of being able to securely enter Barrel Races online.  Just 2016 through March 2020, Equivent processed over 25,000 online entries, this number grows on a daily basis.  We have provided Online entries for many of the Top Producers and Associations, UWinMore Productions, CBT Productions, Wild West Promotions, D&D Productions, 2 Hearts Racing, BRAT, LCBRA, CTBRA etc…..

Numerous races featured on www.ebarrelracing.com utilize the Online Entry process.  Producers can take online entries for their races without having to deal with Merchant services.  Contestants have the convenience of using their Cell Phones, Tablets and computers to enter online.   Contestants get an instant screen receipt upon entering and an email copy also.  Producers receive a copy of the online entry via email and an excel sheet containing of all entries.    

Equivent Online entries provides professionals the perfect opportunity to keep up with their Equine expenses at the show by using their Credit Card.  It allows many of us to hang on to our immediate cash and even to divide entry fees up into several payments if desired. 

Equivent charges a convenience fee to the contestant for handling their entries electronically and insuring it is received by the Producer.  Any Vet Outs or Entry Cancellations processed through Equivent will be refunded (with approval from the Producer) minus (-) the Equivent convenience fee.   In the case where the Producer takes on the Credit Card processing fee and the contestant doesn’t pay any convenience fee then the Producers’ Rules for their event will prevail on Vet/Medical releases.  

The beauty of the service on the Producer’s side is that they receive an email of all the online entries (with relevant entry information) without ever having to physically process those entries.  We can also provide a rooster so the producers can check in and keep an eye on the number of electronic entries coming in at any time. An excel file will be provided once books close on the event. Entry fees are then transferred to the Producer via wire transfer (wire transfers cost $15) or check.

Since Equivent is providing the service as a alternative for Contestants the Producers don’t pay any merchant fees (unless they choose to take on some of the fees), Equivent takes on the Merchant fees.  Producers will also have the option to receive late entries up until three days prior to the Event.  This service will work hand in hand with the current method of paper entries.  For More information email [email protected] or call 817-202-7442

Here are some comments from Producers that have utilized Equivent: Destry Fleming of Buz Post states “Equivent is the way to go!!” and Charlotte Hubbard of BlowOut Productions states “Its the coolest thing that has ever come down the pike. It really increases your entries and is easy to deal with, its the best thing that has ever happened to barrel racing.  If you producers don’t use it, you are missing out!! Its a great asset for Producers.”    Angie Dowell states “Its really cool!

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