Equivent Entry Policy

Terms & Conditions of Purchase

    • You will receive your Draw # in the race in an email or text if the Producer submits an early Draw to Equivent.
    • Due to time constraints, we will not provide online entries for Events 96 hours prior to the event UNLESS the Producer has made special arrangements otherwise.
    • An Entry confirmation receipt will be issued via email upon receipt of payment confirmation.   Keep this receipt for your reference if you need to get in contact with Equivent Staff.
    • Forms of payment currently accepted are Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card.
    • Contestants may draw out of an Event without Vet Release or Med Release if entering through Equivent, prior to either Pre Entry Deadline (set by Producer) or Online Entries Closing, whichever instance occurs first.  Once Pre Entry Deadline occurs or Online Entries close you will need to contact the Producer of the Event and follow their specific Rules concerning Vet Outs/Med Outs.
  • All credit card purchases will have a 8% convenience fee charge added to total fee cost.  All fees quoted in your receipt include all entry fees, event processing fees, stalls, RVs, etc. and Equivent convenience fees.
  • Equivent Convenience fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, you agree to this once you submit your online entry.
  • In the event of an event postponement, all entries will be valid for the new event date. In the event of an Event Cancellation you will receive all your Entry Fees back Minus the Convenience fee.  NO REFUNDS THRU EQUIVENT will be issued IF FUNDS HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED TO THE PRODUCERS.  REFUNDS WILL THEN BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PRODUCER.  All refunds will be processed through the producer of the Event once the funds have been transferred to the Producer.  In the event you cancel the purchase or contest your purchase (entry) through your issuing credit card company after the Producer is paid, Equivent will proceed legally against you for Theft.  In addition you will be charged an additional $25 for disputing the Equivent Entry without contacting Equivent first. If you cancel the purchase of your entry through your issuing credit card company before the Producer is paid WITHOUT FIRST contacting Equivent at 817-202-7442 you will be prohibited from Entering any race that is an Equivent approved Event, you will be prohibited from advertising on www.ebarrelracing.com until you take care of reinstating the fees due to Equivent.  In the event a Producer fails to make good his payout (gives hot checks to Winning Contestants) and Equivent has transferred funds to him, Equivent will not be responsible to the contestant for refunding their Entry Fees, Stall Fees, RV Fees, or any other Fee which have already been transferred to the Producer.  Equivent guarantees your entry into a specific race, NOT THE PAYOUT OF THAT race.  If you (contestant), cancel your purchase (payment of entry) after the race or you have run at the race and Equivent Entries have been transferred to the Producer, Equivent will proceed legally against you for theft.
  • All entries are guaranteed (meaning – you have purchased an entry into that specific event/race), unless otherwise stated in your confirmation and/or receipts, if you have any trouble or questions concerning what you paid for upon reaching the event, contact us using 817-202-7442.
  • We are an independent, privately owned company engaged in the business of selling “Entries” for sporting events. We are not affiliated with any box offices, theatres, venues, or teams.
  • We are a Event broker in the business of selling Entries Online.
  • **Equivent reserves the right to refuse service to any producer or contestant**