Producer Info

We are very pleased to offer this wonderful service to Producers.  It saves the producer time, money and worry.  You don’t have to worry about whether a check will bounce or whether a contestant has included the proper amount with the entry.  You receive an email when an entry has been placed then you will receive an Excel file (See sample file) with all entries along with Stall, shavings, RV and special requests.  Equivent also offers handling paper entries and doing your draw for the event.  For more info Email  or call 817-202-7442 

This is a sample of the email form you will receive from every online entry.


Item Name: Mesquite Online Entry Form
* Contestants Name: Daniel Doe
* Parent/Guardian:
* Day Phone: 544-555-7777
* Night Phone: 544-555-7777
* EMail: [email protected]
* Address: 5555 West Lane
* City/State/Zip: Florence, TX 76527
* Social Security #: 555-55-5555
* Race 1: Yes
* Horses Name: (Merry)
* Race 2: Yes
* Horses Name:  (Merry)* Disclaimer: I agree as a contestant, parent/guardian of a contestant to release
Southwest Rodeo, L.P., Mesquite Rodeo Resistol Arena and any of their sponsors or facilities, of any and all responsibility or liability in case of theft or loss of equipment and any injury or accident to the contestant or anyone involved with the contestant while at the Mesquite Rodeo Resistol Arena and BlowOut Productions.  Warning: Under Texas law, an equine professional is not liable for injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherit risks of equine activities.* I Agree   Unit Price: $130.00