I’m Eggstraspecial Too! $10000 Added

Online Entries are closed! Enter when you get there!

FMI: Martha Reyenga 318-560-7583

Friday Warm-up EF $30 – $1,000 Added
B/O 12 Noon – Exh 12:15 pm – 5:00 pm Exh $4ea – Friday exhibitions sold on timeslots by contacting Callie 318-465-5857….NOT at show  
Show Starts at 5:30 pm

Saturday EF $40 – $4,000 Added
Youth & Senior Rollover from Open EF $25
**Revolution 4D Sidepot – $150.00 SATURDAY ONLY** – if not REVOLUTION member…must pay dues or day fee per Revolution rules & guidelines!  REVOLUTION mails checks for that sidepot.
B/O 9 am – Exh 9 am – 11:00 am – Show 11:30 am
Exhs Fri Tickets – Sat SOLD on timeslots at show!

Sunday EF $40 – $4,000 Added

Church Service 8 am – NO Exhibitions Sunday
Show starts at 9am

Saturday & Sunday $1,000 Added AVERAGE EF – $25
— Buckles & Average Checks will be mailed —


VETOUTS NO LATER THAN March 25th – will not refund sign-up fee OR Equivent Convenience Fee

Holding pen mandatory-failure to utilize holding pen is DQ – Drag every 5
Big drag every 50 – All added $$ paid-out!

BRAT Race 12 JCSP April 7-Cancelled!

CANCELLED APRIL 7TH More details coming

ONLINE PRE ENTRIES taken until Tues April 2nd 6pm.   Any entries received after this will be added as they are received.  Online Entries Close Thur April 4th at 6pm


SATURDAY April 6 Moved to SUNDAY April 7
9:00am……………………. Barrel Slack Exh (Limit to 50)
10:00 am…………………… Barrel Slack (limited to 100)
12-1:30 ………………………….. Barrel Exhibitions (Limit to 75)
2:00 pm…………………….. Open 5D $250 Added

Pole Exh (Limit 40, 2 per horse) after Open 5D
3D Pole – following Pole Exh

Poles ………………………….. $30.00
Open 5D …………………….. $35.00 (1/2 second splits)
Incentive classes………… $25.00 Youth; Adult 16-49; Senior 50+; Classics 65+, PBRIP and
    Rodeo Sidepot…………….. $50.00 (2D-60/40)

Futurity Sidepot………….$35.00
Exhibitions………………….. $5.00
$5.00 (one-time fee/waived if nominated for awards)

D&D Productions Open 5D Barrel Races $5000 Added

Online Entries are closed for this event

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS:  April 12-14, 2019

LATE FEE APPLIES after midnight March 27th – 1 time $10

BBR/WPRA Approved

Stalls open Thursday April 11 @ 4:00 pm
   Open Arena Friday April 12, 2019 <> 9 am to 11 am
   Exhibitions Friday ONLY 1 hr increments <> 11 am to 4 pm (Purchase tickets $5 each in the office, Rider limited to purchase of 8 tickets,
$10 for going over the 60 second time limit on the exhibition.)

Must enter at least one Main Race event to carryover to KoolSpeed Weekend Warrior Sidepot

Friday Race 1 @ 6pm $1,000 Added
Saturday Race 2 @ 10am KK Race immediately followed by $2,000 Added Open 5D
Sunday Race 3 @ 9am $2,000 Added

Incentive Races
Youth Under 17 $20
Adult 18-54 $20
Senior 55+ $20
Weekend Warrior $30

Future Fortunes Race
April 13, 2019
FF Entry Form required with entry!
Copy of Registration Certificate required with entry!
W-9 Form required with entry!

D&D 2019 Rules

D&D Kim Landry Benefit Futurity $10,000 Added

Online Entries are closed for this event

April 9-14

Futurity Payment Schedule:
Jan 15 – $200 per horse
Feb 15 – $200 per horse
March 15 – $100 per horse
Slot Race Payment Schedule:
Jan 15 – $400 per horse
Feb 15 – $300 per horse
March 15 – $300 per horse

Slot Race winner determines by fastest time of 2 Go Round 100 % payout.

6 year old Derby must enter Open Race 2
$200 Added

See Flyer for complete info

Rules for Futurity/Slot/Derby

FMI go to www.danddbarrelracing.com

CTBRA 5D Barrels & 3D Poles April 20

Online Entries are closed

BBR APPROVED!! Race is in Arena A – Lower Arena

CTBRA Website

8:30am – Office Opens
9am – Slack Barrel Runs (50 runs)
Pee Wee Class
Slack Poles – (15 Runners)
Barrel Exh
12:30 – Prep Ground
1pm – Open/Youth Barrels Main Session (Open and Youth run together)
Pole Exh follow Barrels
Pole Class

Location: Circle T Arena – Arena A – Lower Arena

BRAT Final Point Race Season 2018-2019 April 19-20

Online Entries are closed for this race

RACE #12 Final Point Race of 2018-2019 Season
APRIL 19-20 Northcrest Equestrian Training Complex!

This is a point race for BRAT members & will count for year end standings. Non BRAT members are always welcome with NO NON MEMBER fee. 

**Youth & Open will run one race, youth will have the option to Carryover to the open or just enter the youth. Youth will be a 4D, 1/2, 1/2, 1 sec splits. Must be 15 years or younger as of May 1, 2018

Optional award fee in Open & Youth to be eligible for awards, $10, $5 addl. Open :1st –Buckles, 2nd Trailer Organizer, 3rd Overreach books, Youth: 1st—$75 Teskey’s Gift Card, 2nd Trailer Organizer 

**Adult 4D Incentive (16-49), Senior 4D Inc (50+) age as of May 1, 2018 
** PBRIP 4D Inc (must be current member of APHA & PBRIP, $10 goes to PBRIP)  All 80%, equal payback. Open, Adult & Sr incentives 1/2 sec splits, 
**Classic class for 65+ as of May 1, 2018 will be a stand alone class but run with open, 4D, 1/2,1/2, 1 sec splits, equal payback, $5 arena fee (not eligi-ble for awards & may not also enter open) 
**Money Maker Sidepot– 4D,1/2 sec split, 80% progressive payback 
**Futurity Sidepot open to 4 or 5 year old not entered before 12/1/2018, 2D, 1/2 sec split, 80% , 60/40 payback 
** Poles, 3D, full second splits, 80%, equal payback
Entries taken until last 25 runners 

12—4:30—Barrel Exhibitions
5-5:45pm -Pole Exhibitions
6pm—3D Poles, session 1
7pm-Barrels, session 1 

9 am—Barrel Slack Exh ( Limit 50)
10 am—Barrel Slack-Session 2 (limit 100)
12—1:30— Barrel Exhibitions (limit 75)
2 pm—Open 5D-Session 3, followed by Pole Exh & 3D Poles-Session 2 

Open 5D ……….….$35.00 ($250 added)
Poles 3D _______$30.00 ($100 added)
Incentive……………$25.00 (Youth, Adult, SR, Classic, PBRIP)
Money Maker 4D sidepot …..$45.00 ($250 added)
Futurity sidepot….$35.00
Exhibitions………….$ 5.00 

Optional Nomination for awards in Barrels
Open or Youth…..$10.00 first horse, $5 add’l horses
Arena fee………… $ 5.00 one time, waived if nominated for awards 

The BRAT Attack info coming soon, it will be a little different this year. Friday night May 3rd we will be offering a $500 added warm-up race. Saturday, May 4th is when we will award the year-end prizes that morning and then have a $1,000.00 added race. The BRAT Attack is not a point race and is considered our membership drive and Finals all rolled into one race. This year the BRAT Attack will be at Shepherd’s Valley Cowboy Church in Alvarado. More information coming soon.

FMI please call Pam at 682-225-9815

WWP 4D Barrel Race $1,500 Added + Buckles Graham, Tx

Online Entries are closed for this race

$500.00 added Friday and $1,000.00 added Saturday!
Plus, Tres Rios Buckles to D winners each day.

Books open 5pm
Exhs 5:30pm-7:15pm
Open 4D 7:30pm

4D $40
3D incentives (Open 2D, Open 3D, 18&under and 19&over) $25
Exhs $5
Arena fee per person $10
Award fee per horse (optional) $10

No dress code, no late fees if you enter at the event. Entries will be taken until the last horse runs in the class. Open 4D and all incentive classes are .5 second splits and 80% progressive payout. Must pay award fee each day to be eligible for awards.  Tammy Kidd 817-343-4361

Location: Young County Covered Arena

BRAT ATTACK $2000 Added

Online Entries Open thru May 2nd at 6pm

$2,000 ADDED and BUCKLES to BRAT Members!!!!  
Buckles will be awarded to highest placing BRAT Member, but you do NOT have to be a member to compete.  


12—4:30—Barrel Exhibitions
5-5:30pm -Pole Exhibitions
6pm—3D Poles
7pm- $500 Added Warm Up 5D Race

9 am—11:30 Exh
11:30— Devotional
12 pm—$1000 Added Open 5D-Session, followed by Pole Exh & $250 Added 3D Poles

Fri Warm Up Open 5D ……….….$35.00($500 added)
Fri Warm Up 3D Poles……………..$30.00($250 added)
Sat Open 5D ($1000 added)……..$45.00
Sat Youth 4D ($250 added)……….$30.00
Sat 3D Poles ($250 added)……….$40.00
Sat Incentive……………$25.00 (Adult 16-49, SR 50+)
Sat 2D Rodeo sidepot …..$50.00 ($250 added)
Sat 2D Futurity sidepot….$50.00
Exhibitions………….$ 5.00


**Youth & Open will run one race, youth will have the option to Carryover to the open or just enter the youth. Youth will be a 4D, 1/2, 1/2, 1 sec splits. Must be 15 years or younger as of May 1, 2019. FMI contact Pam at 682-225-9815

Location: Shepherds Valley Cowboy Church

Maxdale Cowboy Church Open 5D $5000 Added

Online Entries Open April 1 at 10am – May 10 at 5pm

New Flyer


Church Services @ 8am and 4pm
Slack Exh @ 9:30am Main Race @ 5:30pm – EF $40
Future Stars @ 5pm EF $10
Youth 4D $500 Added EF $25
Exhibition $5 12 -3:30pm
Office Fee $10

Contact Se’Vette Early 254-223-1220 FMI

7th Annual Summer Dash $3500 Cash + $4300 Award Certificates

Online Pre Entries Open Thru 4/24, online entries Open thru May 9th at 5pm

$20 Late Fee Per Rider applies as of 4/24

Dress code required

Saturday May 11  –  8:00am–Race office opens.
Open 5D Race 1 starts at 2 pm – $1,500 Added 
Future Fortunes Entries – copy of Horse Papers showing current owner to be included with this entry.  Email to office@cbtproductions.com
Sunday May 13 8am–Office opens. Church Sunday TBA
Open 5D Race 1 starts at 9 am – $1,500 Added

Revolution Barrel Racing Qualifier — $150 EF, 80% Payback, This optional sidepot can be a separate run(s) or your CBT Open 5D run(s) can be a c/o to the RBR sidepot. The sidepot payout will be completed by RBR. See full race rules for more information.

In order to run in the RBR qualifier, you will have to be a current RBR member or you can purchase a  RBR membership on-site.

All stall and RV hookups will be through the Tri-State Fairgrounds. Facility address: 3301 E 10th Ave, Amarillo, Texas 79104. Stalls will open at 1pm Friday, cost is $25 per day. Shavings sold on-site. Stalls and RVs will be taken care of on-site by the facility. No stall or RV reservations will be accepted.
Pre-draw will be posted on May 5th at www.CBTProductions.com and on www.ebarrelracing.com

Held at Amarillo National Center, Amarillo, Tx