2022 Glen Rose Summer Classic Searchable Results

07/07/2022 Open 1D winner Sophie Nolen on Data A Guy Streakin with a time of 14.990
07/08/2022 Open 1D winner Tana Trosper on Shiney Cartel with a time of 14.962
07/09/2022 Open 1D winner Scamper Cole on IMA EPIC HUSTLER with a time of 14.715
07/10/2022 Open 1D winner Sophie Palmore on JL Jamaican Me Rich with a time of 14.701
Total Payout $57,920.98

BRAT ATTACK Race 1 & 2 Searchable Results

06/04/22 Open 1D winner Becky Dillard on Wow Shes Hot with a time of 14.969
06/05/22 Open 1D winner Paige Jones on High Cotton Lane with a time 14.794
Average 1D winner Autumn Woodruff on Frenchmans Factor with a time of 15.170
Total Payout $32,232.82

BRAT Race 11 Sat April 18, 2021 Results

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Open 1DWinner Shannon McReynolds on Khloe with a time of 14.808
Total Payout $13,036.00

CTBRA Hamilton May 16-17, 2020

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05/16/2020 Open 1D winner Brittany Tonozzi on Babe on the Chase with a time of 15.681
05/17/2020 Open 1D winner Jennifer Driver on DTF Way Ta with a time of 15.664
Total Payout $21,604.00

Social Distancing Barrel Race Alvarado April 23-25 results

Open 1D winner Shea Lynn Leach on Smooth N Heavenly with a time of 15.108
Total Payout $21,187.53

BRAT Social Distancing 4D Barrel Race Alvarado April 17, 2020

Open 1D winner Tillar Murray on JL Lava Roc with a time of 15.242
Total Payout $7425.00

BRAT Christmas Classic December 6-8, 2019

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12/06/2019 OPEN 1D winner Pete One on VC GoGo Fling with a time of 15.5
12/07/2019 OPEN 1D winner Emily Efurd on Dreamin Ta Heaven with a time of 15.15
12/08/2019 Open 1D winner Jimmie Smith on Lena On the Rocks with a time of 14.894
Total Payout $31,560.13

CC5D Reunion Race Stephenville October 18-20, 2019 Updated Results

10/18/2019 Open 1D winner DEVEN RIGGINS on SV SOUTHERN COMFORT with a time of 15.738
10/19/2019 Open 1D winner MARTHA JORDAN on JL FOURXAFAME with a time of 15.331
10/20/2019 Open 1D winner KASSIE MOWRY on FAMOUS LADIES MAN with a time of 15.326
Total Payout $35,834.75