2021 Combined Results

Updated February 28, 2021

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These results are designed so that you can view the combined  winnings of a person or a horse. If you are looking to view one particular race go to: 2021 Barrel Racing Results and scroll down the list of separate races I put results there before I put them here.
This is all the results from this year all in one file. You can search by rider, horse, arena or producer. At the bottom of the file the payout is totaled.

To do a search for the total payout for this year type the abbreviation for the producer click here

Because of a major change in the programing I have 2 choices.

  1. Make it to where the arenas are grouped at the top of each race like I have for years in the past which slows it down very badly
  2. Make it where the arena appears on each line and make it where the page loads very fast.

As you can see I have the arenas on each line. 

New to the combine results page has a graph showing payout per arena and Payout per Producer/Org below the results.

Arena Date Event D PL Rider Horse Time Pay Pro-Org
wdt_ID Arena Date Event D PL Rider Horse Time Pay Pro-Org
1 NRS Arena 01-06-21 Open 1D 1st Ivy Hurst Top Of The Rock 17.467 395.00 WWP
2 NRS Arena 01-06-21 Open 1D 2nd Cierra Nelson Lil Blushing Blonde 17.544 329.00 WWP
3 NRS Arena 01-06-21 Open 1D 3rd Reagan Laney Frosty Feeln Lucky 17.556 280.00 WWP
4 NRS Arena 01-06-21 Open 1D 4th Sherri Barnes Ike 17.635 214.00 WWP
5 NRS Arena 01-06-21 Open 1D 5th Makala Pierce Melmen 17.818 165.00 WWP
6 NRS Arena 01-06-21 Open 1D 6th Ivy Hurst YGW Smoke N Hot 17.865 98.00 WWP
7 NRS Arena 01-06-21 Open 1D 7th Tami Cates Rita 17.865 98.00 WWP
8 NRS Arena 01-06-21 Open 1D 8th Emily Thompson Taylor Sun Frosted Wonder 17.870 66.00 WWP
9 NRS Arena 01-06-21 Open 1D 9th Kenzi Pogue Cruizin Beduino 17.908 0.00 WWP
10 NRS Arena 01-06-21 Open 1D 10th Whitlee Reed Junior 17.913 0.00 WWP
∑ = 1,645.00
2 Hearts Barrel Racing Productions 2HBRP
Barrel Racing Assoc. Of Texas BRAT
CBT Barrel Racing CBT
Central Texas Barrel Racing Assoc. CTBRA
Cross C Productions CCP
Elite Elite
Elite Western Arena EWA
Freedom Run FR
Lone Star Arena LSA
Haydens Help Pay it Forward HHPF
Ogden 8 & Under Ogden
Parker County Arena PCA
Rafter E Productions REP
Red River Rodeo Assoc. RRRA
Revolution Barrel Racing RBR
Somervell County Expo Center SCEC
Southeast Texas Barrel Racinc Assoc. STBRA
Turnin’ 3 Productions LLC T3P
Win More Productions W$M
X Factor X-F