Complete 2016 Results

UPDATED January 9, 2017


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1 COWTOWN 01-06-16 Open 1D 1st Tiany Schuster Dale Earnheart 17.213 170.00 WWP
2 COWTOWN 01-06-16 Open 1D 2nd Tiany Schuster Drag Queen 17.551 113.00 WWP
3 COWTOWN 01-06-16 Open 2D 1st Tricia Aldridge Horse 1 17.892 142.00 WWP
4 COWTOWN 01-06-16 Open 2D 2nd Michele Allison Famous 18.195 85.00 WWP
5 COWTOWN 01-06-16 Open 2D 3rd Maddy Goforth Hesa Shawnee Bayou 18.196 57.00 WWP
6 COWTOWN 01-06-16 Open 3D 1st Audrey Swinney Fabio 18.225 142.00 WWP
7 COWTOWN 01-06-16 Open 3D 2nd Rileigh Harper TR Wil 18.261 85.00 WWP
8 COWTOWN 01-06-16 Open 3D 3rd Marisa Byers Lanes Fame 18.359 57.00 WWP
9 COWTOWN 01-06-16 Open 3D 4th Meghan Taylor Cinch 18.412 0.00 WWP
10 COWTOWN 01-06-16 Open 3D 5th Destiny Turner Dollar 18.565 0.00 WWP
∑ = 851.00

Barrel racing producers list

ABBR Producer – Org Name
ANHA America Novice Horse Assoc
BBR Better Barrel Races
BCEC Bell County Expo Center
BRAT Barrel Racing Assoc. Of Texas
CBTP CBT Productions
Comanche Comanche Arena
CTA Cirle T Arena
D&D D&D Super Tour
DDB Dick Darby Benefit
OGDEN Ogden 8& Under
OWBR Out West Barrel Racers
SCEC Somervell County Expo Center
SSOR Super Seniors and Open Race
STBRA Southeast Texas Barrel Racing Assoc
TFP Texas fair Park
THBRP 2 Hearts Barrel Racing Prod.
TMBRA Tex Mec Barrel Racing assoc
TSP Twisted Sisters Productions
TX NBHA Texas National Barrel Horse Assoc.
W$M Win More
WTBRA West Texas Barrel Racing Assoc
WWP Wild West Promontions