D&D Super Tour Graham Oct 6-8, 2017 Results

Main 1 1D winner Kylie Weast on Hell on the Red with a time of 16.453
Main 2 1D winner Rylee Hardin on Whispers Cowgirl with a time of 16.531
Main 3 1D winner Andy Shae Nored on Buddy with a time of 16.553
Total Payout $21,445.82

6th Annual Live Life to the Fullest Results

09/22/2017 1D winner Jaycie Cundall Primos on Jaycie Acre with a time of 15.160
09/23/2017 1D winner Alyssa Glass on Take A Ride Guys with a time of 15.319
09/24/2017 1D winner Jaycee Cundall on Primos Jaycee Acre with a time of 15.406
Total Payout $60,507


Friday Open 1D winner Kelli Kamm SRQH Smoothlikejack winner 15.054
Saturday Open 1D winner Kelli kamm SRQH Smoothlikejack 14.902
Total Payout $18,573.03

Summer Classic Results August 3-6, 2017

08/03/2017 Jackpot 1D winner Danny Cipri on Ima Frosty Leader with a time of 15.674
08/04/2017 Open 1D winner Shannon Pearson on Reds Roany Pony with a time of 15.135
08/05/2017 Open 1D winner Taylor Smith on Cash Flow Depot with a time of 14.889 

2017 CTBRA Summer Splash Results

07/28/2017 Open 1D winner Patton Ann Lynch on Firin To Be A Hero with a time of 16.943
07/29/2017 Open 1D winner Lacy Schoenthal on Your Lion Bugs Me with a time of 16.626
07/30/2017 Open 1D winner Jane Fambrough on Spotted Diamond with a time of 16.597
Total Payout $38,884.50