Kimbra Dorset

Where are you from? Childress, Texas

When did you start barrel racing? age 5

Are you involved in any other equine events? yes, i am a past all around champ. Goat tying, pole bending, barrels, flags. showed at halter, western pleasure reining, horse judging, and pony express. I like to heel. I would like to ride cutting horses. I have been a director in the WTBRA, TBBA, high school. I am presently a director for Childress Rodeo Assosiation.

Who or What got you started barrel racing? My mother. she ran barrels, my dad rode bulls and roped calfs and steer wrestled. My parents where traveling to Pampa and my mom was angry at her horse and said that she was going to sell her. She ran at the rodeo and won. When she was getting back from picking up her check, the horse was gone. My dad had sold the horse while she was gone. If it’d been me; I’d have kicked him where the sun didn’t shine.

On the road sometimes things happen do you have an usual or funny story?

  • Unusual: The first year I went to district 4H on my horse Rebblious(aka Sugarfoot) won our county 4H and I had high hopes for him at district. But he turned in front of the second barrel and went on to the third. I then went to the practice pen for some fine tunning or a battle. Later that day I went to a rodeo in Bowe TX and won first . Susan Wilson asked me if I knew who won second. I said no, and Susan said that team was hard to beat. 30 years ago in Bowe TX I made a point to find out their names, because they came up to me and said, ” Good run kid,”. That team made history as one of the best rider, horse and companion teams. The man still calls me kid, and I call them Mr. Tree, Carol, and Dorbe, WPRA world champs.
  • Funny: The next day at district 4H I was preparing to show at halter, when it hit me. You know, before you run it hits you. Had to P. The bathrooms were full so I went to my horses stall, tied him up by the stall door and I ” relieved myself” so, I was ready to show for halter. Sugarfoot was not. His teeth snapped at me, he kicked, he pawed, I couldn’t get out. A friend then came along and we made it to our halter class. I was pulled out of line and placed in the front line. I started crying the judge told me not to cry, he had placed Rick Kyles horse over mine ’cause he was fatter and no battle scars. I told the judge I was not crying because I was second in my class, but because in 3 years at district I had looked good, fat horses, and no battle scars and never placed! Just tears of sheer joy.

What was the name of your favorite horse and tell us a little about it. Rebblious( aka Sugarfoot) sorrel G 4-14-69 Sire Gettyburg, Sire Rebelcause, Dam Cutie Badger dSire Grey Badger II; had half a foot on his right front, but his heart and stubborness overruled his front foot; The first time I saw him he jumped the barrier, they were roping calves on him. Mr. Harold Halford told me that was the horse I needed. I started riding and training him, he was an outlaw. He would buck, kick, paw, and bite. He would get mad and sull up too.

What are some of the events that you have won (or races that stand out in your mind)? The first pro rodeo I won was in Guymon OK; first saddle i won at the Texas Cowboy reunion at Stamford TX; Texas Circut pro-Rookie of the year; won Texas circut pro average; won over 30 saddles, 4 trailers. I have won many rodeos all over texas and elsewhere. They’ve all been special in some way. I’ve been all over and met lots of good friends because of barrel racing. It’s a great lifetime experience and I wouldn’t trade it.

Over the years have you noticed any changes in barrel racing what are the good or bad you’ve seen? Yes, good: more room for god, more added money, better ground conditions, electric timers, more runners, more medical technological advances, better market place for horses (not just kill-pin). The bad: too many horses that aren’t broke, they go from race track to barrels, no quality time, more people are getting hurt from inexperience,

Didn’t you and Tamet run together years ago any stories there? Stories, not for Bob’s ears!! SORRY BOB!!!

What is do you think of an equal pay out 4d? it’s okay, the 1D horses are the toughest horses but the 3D and 4D carry the barrel race. They make up 80% of the 700 horses you may have, they are the majority. Everybody pays the same entry fees.

Do you think of yourself as a professional barrel racer? No. Just being a member of WPRA and running at the Pro Rodeos does not make someone a professional barrel racer. Although one could make a great living with as much money being paid in Rodeo today.

If your not a professional barrel racer what do you do for a living? substitute teacher and licensed massage therapist for 11 years.

Who is your favorite barrel racer or barrel racers? here are several I look up to …Martha Wright, Martha Josey, Carol Goostree,and Jyme Beth to name a few; and i admire Dale Youree, Sunny Suttle for being seniors and still able to kick bootay!! and the most horse-knowlegable person I know is Randy Guilkey(anything about a horse)

Do you have any advice for anyone just starting out in barrel racing? Learn the basics, get a horse that you match with( and have a trusted person help you find that horse), walking is GOOD, be a horse person not a horse rider, have good hands, older horses are better for begginers, listen to everything and sift through what you recieve to get what you need

Do you think barrel racing should be limited to women only? The 4Ds should be open to everybody.

I want to thank God, my mother, and everybody that has helped me.