Mike Horn

Mike Horn is an Alabama boy, through and through. He was reared in Lineville, Alabama. After attending college at Faulkner University, he met and married his wife Johnna. Living in Montgomery, Alabama, they have been married for 15 years and have two wonderful children, Taylor (11) and Hinton (9).
For anyone who knows Mike, positive and upbeat would be two words that would be used to describe him. He became involved in barrel racing by “helping a friend” at a local barrel race for charity, knowing essentially nothing about this sport. Meanwhile, 2 years later, Mike has grown to love and appreciate the sport and the competitors. He makes a point to meet as many of the barrel racers as he can. Even though Mike is not a barrel racer, he has brought something long needed to the industry: Excitement! Using his own brand of announcing, he can bring the audience from the edge of their seats to their feet in seconds, making the rider feel as though they have just made the ride of their life. Mike is thought of by many who have heard him to be the best announcer there is, with a heart as big as the state of Alabama and lungs to match!
Years ago Mike was with us on the way to a barrel race in Glen Rose, Texas. We were traveling in our camper all of a sudden the awning came off going down the highway. We pull off I am thinking great we are going to have to unhook our truck and go call someone. Mike looks around on the side of the road and makes a thing to hold it up from things laying around on the ground nearby. Macgyver from Alabama!