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2021 The Cowgirl Gathering

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Open 1D winner Shae Franklin on Go Daddi with a time of 13.714
Total Payout $125,414.00

2021 I’M EGGStraSpecial Too!

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04/01/21 Open 1D winner Cassy Gantt on Nacho with a time of 14.768
04/02/21 Open 1D winner Kyle LeLeux on Sr Endeavor with a time of 14.898
04/03/21 Open 1D winner Janna Brown on Jets Top Gun with a time of 14.61
Total Payout $46,882,00

2019 Gobble Up the Cash – Marshall

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11/29/2019 Open 1D winner Michael Smith on TFF Barrels Down Pat with a time of 14.99
11/30/2019 Open 1D winner Miranda Emmert on Prime Time Tres with a time of 14.830
Total Payout $38338.00 (Without Average money)