2021 The Cowgirl Gathering

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Open 1D winner Shae Franklin on Go Daddi with a time of 13.714
Total Payout $125,414.00

Haydens Help Paying it Forward Sept 18-19, 2021 Searchable Results

09/17/21 Open 1D winner Mecca Hickox on Arrow Dynamic Effort with a time of 14.935
09/18/21 Open 1D winner Jana Guthrie on Furicious Lady Chaser with a itme of 15.043
Total Payout $15,974.53

2014 Winter Jurassic Classic

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Friday Open 1D winner SHELBY PATTISON On SOCKS & SANDLES With a time of 15.437
Saturday Open 1D winner LISA NICHOLAS on STOLI MY GUY with a time of 14.752
Sunday Open 1D winner LISA NICHOLAS on STOLI MY GUY with a time of 14.994
Total Show Payout $48,016

Cowboy Collection Arena Jackpot Results 11-21-13

1D winner Leslie Head on Elle with a time of 15.816
Total show payout $1,172

Buz Post Series Finale – Oct 1 & 2, 2004 Stephenville, TX

Open 1D winner Kerbi Thiel on Slidder with a time of 15.200
Total Payout 47,737.60

Hunt County Fair 4D Barrel Race June 6 & 13, 2004

Hunt County Fair 4D Barrel Race Greenville, Tx – I30 exit Hwy 69 South, then right on 1570 to Fairgrounds $1,500 Added Barrel Race To View Placings by day type… Read more »

Buz Post Race 2 Glen Rose June 4-5, 2004

Open 1D winner Cyndy Gantt on B.B. with a time of 15.098
Total Payout $35,215.18