2017 July Explosion Draw

Marshall City Arena Complex

3310 Popular Street
Marshall, TX 75671
To view the number of entires for each day look at the bottom of the draw after typing in the day.
To view the draw for one day type one of the following in the DAY search box…
1 Friday 1 Sissie Wherrell Docs Zippin Stoney
2 Friday 2 Erin Hawthorne Streakin On The Money
3 Friday 3 Genevieve Alexander I Can't Take It
4 Friday 4 Karlie Sanders Binker Takin Cash
5 Friday 5 Bronwyn Storey Wood Dee
6 Friday 7 Kim Zimmers DB High Cotton
7 Friday 8 Cherie Carter Flo N Dash
8 Friday 9 Karlie Sanders
9 Friday 10 Sharon McDonald Perks Flit
10 Friday 11 Vivette Middlebrooks Jett