Dean Edgman

Is a Barrel Racer and aspiring NFR Saddle Bronc Rider. He is currently part of Sooners Barrel Racing Assoc., National Barrel Horse Association and Barrel Futurities of America. Dean has several championships to his name and is a top finalist in some of the toughest competitions around including; Ardmore Youth Champion and Reserve Champion; Josey Jr. World top 20 Finalist; BFA World Championship Youth top 10; Multiple Oklahoma NBHA Youth and Open 1D Championships; Tri-State Open Champion; Springdale Jr. rodeo All Around Youth Champion.

Dean grew up and is still living in Westville, Ok with his parents Butch and Deanna, and sister Marlana. Dean had no choice but to grow up around horses. His family tree is linked with horses, from World Champion Steer Wrestlers, to Race Horse trainers, to Ropers, to a BFA World Champion Derby winner, along with several other barrel racers and trainers. One grandfather was a roper, the other (part Cherokee Indian) whispered to horses long before it was popular. His parents start several young horses each year on barrels and sell most of them as novice horses. Dean is intensely competitive. He played baseball and football for local leagues, winning such awards as player with the most heart and making several all-star teams. Dean is taking on a new horseback sport this year—he is learning to saddle bronc and is hoping to compete in high school rodeos this fall.

Dean’s parents made the decision to homeschool Dean after the 7th grade when a teacher told them, “she didn’t have time for him”. Homeschooling allows Dean to travel more and fit his school time around horse time. He is currently a sophomore taking his core courses through the University of Oklahoma. Even though the courses are harder than at his old school, Dean is maintaining a B average. The courses don’t have set day by day schedules, so he works ahead in what is easy for him and spends more time on the harder subjects. Dean has no trouble keeping busy—he works two days a week at a nearby sale barn, riding horses to pen cattle on sale day. He rides young horses for customers and starts some of his own and he has also been building a herd of cattle that his grandpa helped him to start. In his spare time, he is either working on his truck, or rebuilding another one.

Dean got his first barrel horse from Joe and Pat Hutter. He loved the competition and was completely hooked when he won his first buckle. For his next barrel horse, Dean went to close friend, Larry Stevens. Docs Golmine Dandy, Dean’s “last Larry horse”, is still winning championships with Dean. Dean now turns to another close friend when he needs help–Dee Dee Smith, Grandview Tx. Dean gives much of the credit of his success to Larry, who always found time for him. Another thing that Dean believes helped him was that he was “stepped up” from horse to horse—he wasn’t put on horses that were over his level of riding. He gives credit to his mounts, he is thankful for the opportunity of having some nice horses such as Mr. Successful, Natalie Sug, She’s A Quality Lover and Docs Golmine Dandy. When asked about his goals, Dean’s goals are many and varied. He sets high goals and pushes himself to obtain them. He wants to expand his herd of cattle. He wants to go to the NFR in saddle bronc. And of course, he wants to become a creditable barrel horse trainer and win the BFA World Championship.——————–Oh yeah, two current goals—-to get a 4-wheeler, and to stay ahead of Marlana, who is hot on his heels!

He also feels very fortunate this year —Conklin Company, the manufacturers of the probiotic Fastrack are sponsoring him and his sister Marlana.