Jackpot @ The Expo Jan 18, 2023 Results

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1D winner Kelly Bruner on tres with a time of 14.599
Total Payout $5404

Glen Rose Summer Classic August 26-29 2021 Searchable Results

08/26/2021 Open 1D winner Morgan Bagnell on RR TooSkick Eye Mist with a time of 15.152
08/27/2021 Open 1D winner JOLENE MONTGOMERY on Jet Fuel Only with a time of 14.863
08/28/2021 Open 1D winner Wyatt Paul on FC Strait Cajun with a time of 14.903
08/29/2021 Open 1D winner Shaylee Hindman on Fresnos Poco Charm with a time of 14.854
Total Payout $46,196.00

BRAT Race 11 Sat April 18, 2021 Results

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Open 1DWinner Shannon McReynolds on Khloe with a time of 14.808
Total Payout $13,036.00

Sharon Barder Memorial Glen Rose October 4-6, 2019

Friday Open 1D winner Cindy Mainus Jett on BB Runnin On Time with a time of 14.953
Saturday Open 1D winner Sabra Quinn on Slicks Lil Amigo with a time of 14.692
Sunday Open 1D winner Nisa Berry on VF Look Im Back with a time of 14.595
Total Payout $75,515.24

CTBRA Hamilton April 20, 2019

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Open 1D winner Patty Clark on Dashing Bob with a time of 16.623
Total Payout $9,073.00

Extravaganza and Elite Futurity – March 7-10, 2019

Futurity AVG 1D winner BRADI GOOD on FAMOUS BULLETS with a time of 29.863
Derby AVG 1D winner TROY CRUMRINE on SR INDUSTRY TITAN with a time of 29.762
Open AVG 1D winner KASSIE MOWRY on EPIC GUY with a time of 29.975
Total Payout $277,119.54