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Black Gold Arena Open 5D July 31, 2021

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Open 1D winner Kelsey TREHARNE on VF Backed N A Corner with a time of 17.22
Total Payout $14,251.00

Destry’s Free 4 All 2021 Searchable Results

Open 1D winner Kenna Squires on NB Ladybird-1 with a time of 14.654 
Total Payout $87,103.73

Money and Beaches Results May 29th Northcrest Arena

Open 1D Winner Kassie Mowry on Cp he will be epic With a time of 15.048
TOTAL PAYOUT $83,274.00
PBRIP Payout Not included in Payout

CTBRA Barrels & Poles Finals – Llano October 10-11, 2020

10/10/2020 Open 1D winner Biloxi Shultz on CTR Sun N Cee with a time of 15.457
10/11/2020 Open 1D winner Ashley Alligood on RB Bullys Indian Outlaw with a time of 15.224
Total Payout $19,253.00