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July Explosion Marshall June 29 -July 1, 2018

06/29/18 Open 1D winner London Gotham on Hitman with a time of 14.658
06/30/18 Open 1D winner Joy Wargo on Smokin Koa Lena with a time of 14.797
07/01/18 Open 1D winner Quay Eaves on Heavens Special Go with a time of 14.851
Total Payout $38,551.00

2017 Carli’s Butterfly Wishes Foundation Benefit Results

Friday Open 1D winner Courtney Boyd on Wildfire Fuel with a time of 14.752
Saturday Open 1D winner Sophie Palmer on JL Jamaican Me Rich with a time of 14.328

Total Payout $20,182

2017 ANHA Shootout Results

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SHOOTOUT POLES AVG 1D winner Kathy Warren on WR Peponic Promise with a time of 20.007
SHOOTOUT BARRELS AVG 1D winner Shea-Lynn Leach on NMD Chesters Lil Bunny with a time of 17.018
Total Payout $ 82399.21

Destry’s Free 4 All June 23-25 2017 Results

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Open 1D winner Chayni Chamberlain on Dat Flowing Bunny with a time of 14.888
Payout (Not Including Prizes) $80,287.83