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Im Eggstraspecial Too – Marshall- April 5-7, 2019

Friday Open 1D winner Jbug Brazil with a time of 15.055
Saturday Open 1D winner James Commanderon VF Pico Stinson with a time of 15.097
Sunday Open 1D winner Barbara Burns on Smoken Flit with a time of 14.96
Total Payout $29,524.00

I’m Eggstraspecial Too! April 6-8, 2018

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Friday Open 1D winner Ashley Surman Doc N Zips Pistolena with a time of 15.289
Saturday Open 1D winner Mickayla Brown on Tommys Tank with time of 14.935
Sunday Open 1D winner Cassidy Kruse on Scooter with time of 14.976
Total Payout $39,420.00