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BBR Southern Territorial Results Sept 30 – Oct 2, 2022

09/30/2022 Warmup 1D winner Megan Swint on For Heaven Seis with a time of 15.007
10/01/2022 Open 1D winner Dusky Lynn Hall on Troublenvrlooksogood with a time of 14.752
10/02/2022 Open 1D winner Skyler Nicholas on Perrywater Dash with a time of 14.687
Total Payout $109,137.31


Open 1D winner Shelby McCamey on Cuz Im French with a time of 15.534
Total Payout $19,876.00

Im Eggstraspecial Too – Marshall- April 5-7, 2019

Friday Open 1D winner Jbug Brazil with a time of 15.055
Saturday Open 1D winner James Commanderon VF Pico Stinson with a time of 15.097
Sunday Open 1D winner Barbara Burns on Smoken Flit with a time of 14.96
Total Payout $29,524.00

Tammy Kidd’s $5000 Invitational March 16, 2019

Invitational 1D winner Mark Bugni on JL Twisted Roc with a time of 15.213
Invitational Short Go 1D winner Ryann Pedone on Feel The Sting with a time of 15.287
Open 1D winner Kelsey Lutjen on FC Strait Flush Toy with a time of 15.198
Total Payout $ 17,859.00

Revolution Stop #7 Alvarado,Tx August 4-5, 2018

08/04/2018 Open 1D winner JOLENE MONTGOMERY on LOUIE BUG with a time of 15.114
08/05/2018 Open 1D winner PATTON LYNCH on JJJ BONNIE RAY with a time of 14.938
QUALIFIER 1D winner PATTON LYNCH on JJJ BONNIE RAY with a time of 14.938
Total Payout $4,1318.02

Dinosaur Classic and American Qualifier Jan 25-28, 2018

Thursday Open 1D winner James Barnes on Watch me Firen with a time of 14.777
Friday Open 1D winner Destri Devenport on DTF Way TA Fire with a time 14.888
Saturday Open 1D Winner Shelby Spielman on Fame N Red Hot with a time of 14.753
Sunday Open 1D winner Devon Brown on Suspect Bugs with a time of 15.03
Total Show Payout $93,815.83