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BRAT Spring Fling Sun March 4-5 Searchable Results

03/04/2023 Open 1D winner Valinda Moore on Thomaz with a time of 14.737 
03/05/2023 Open 1D winner Kathy Muehlen on Payme First with a time of 14.844 
Total Payout $30,144.70

BRAT ATTACK Race 1 & 2 Searchable Results

06/04/22 Open 1D winner Becky Dillard on Wow Shes Hot with a time of 14.969
06/05/22 Open 1D winner Paige Jones on High Cotton Lane with a time 14.794
Average 1D winner Autumn Woodruff on Frenchmans Factor with a time of 15.170
Total Payout $32,232.82

BRAT Final Points Race of 21-22 Season Results

Open 1D winner Scamper Cole on DM Streak Aboo with a time of 14.833
Total Payout $7,920.00