The Richest Dinosaur Classic Jan 27 – 30 2022 Results

01/28/2022 Open 1D winner Kassie Mowry on Sir Epic with a time of 14.688
01/29/2022 Open 1D winner London Gorham on Fortunes Flame with a time of 14.577
01/30/2022 Open 1D winner Monica Gillespie on Streaking Buck Naked with a time of 14.883
Total Payout $137,724.40

BRAT Race 8 Northcrest Dec 4, 2021 Searchable Results

Open 1D winner Brittany Mayfield on ShootinForFamous with a time of 15.411
Total Payout $14,336.00

Black Gold Arena Open 5D July 31, 2021

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Open 1D winner Kelsey TREHARNE on VF Backed N A Corner with a time of 17.22
Total Payout $14,251.00