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The Richest Dinosaur Classic Jan 27 – 30 2022 Results

01/28/2022 Open 1D winner Kassie Mowry on Sir Epic with a time of 14.688
01/29/2022 Open 1D winner London Gorham on Fortunes Flame with a time of 14.577
01/30/2022 Open 1D winner Monica Gillespie on Streaking Buck Naked with a time of 14.883
Total Payout $137,724.40

Dinosaur Classic January 28 -31, 2021 Searchable Results

01/28/2021 Open 1D winner Keyla Polizello Costa on Zumanity Cristal CMV with a time of 14.787
01/29/2021 Futurity 1D winner Sierra Melby on Aflingwithfreckles with a time of 14.871
01/29/2021 Open 1D winner Kassie Mowry on Epic Guy with a time of 14.542
01/30/2021 Futurity 1D winner MOLLI MONTGOMERY on The Woman Loves Fame with a time of 14.758
01/30/2021 Open 1D winner Dustin Angelle on VF Born Famous with a time of 14.518
Total Payout $209,080.46

WinMore Prod & Somervell Co Expo Dino Classic January 24-26, 2020

01/24/2020 Open 1D winner Skylar Eisinger on Mr Deedz with a time of 14.581
01/25/2020 Open 1D winner Troy Crumrine on Crewzin with a time of 14.527
01/26/2020 Open 1D winner Skylar Eisinger on Mr Deedz with a time of 14.634
Total Payout $86,190.35

Dinosaur Classic Glen Rose January 25-27, 2019 Results

01/25/2019 Open 1D winner Troy Crumbing on Imafrenchmansprincess with a time of 14.768
01/26/2019 Open 1D winner Sydni Blanchard on Famous Heartbreaker with a time of 14.723
01/27/2019 Open 1D winner Cindy Mainus-Jett BB on Runnin On Time with a time of 14.694

Dinosaur Classic Glen Rose, Tx Jan. 25-27, 2019 Running Order

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Dinosaur Classic and American Qualifier Jan 25-28, 2018

Thursday Open 1D winner James Barnes on Watch me Firen with a time of 14.777
Friday Open 1D winner Destri Devenport on DTF Way TA Fire with a time 14.888
Saturday Open 1D Winner Shelby Spielman on Fame N Red Hot with a time of 14.753
Sunday Open 1D winner Devon Brown on Suspect Bugs with a time of 15.03
Total Show Payout $93,815.83

Dinosaur Classic Jan. 26-29, 2017 Complete Results

Thursday Open 1D winner Sophie Palmer on Chicks Quick Molly with a time of 15.078
Friday Open 1D winner Becky Dillard on Wow She’s Hotwith a time of 14.933
Saturday Open 1D winner Jolene Montgomery on JL JAMAICAN ME RICH with a time of 14.916
Sunday Open 1D winner Becky Dillard on Wow Shes Hottie with a time of 14.847
American Qualifer winner Ashley Castleberry on Calfee Stormy Dash on Captain Perk with a time of 14.941
Total Show Payout $94,012.87

Win$More Dinosaur Classic Results Jan 28-31, 2016

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2015 WinMore Dinosaur Classic results Jan -30 Feb 1, 2015

Friday 1D winner Joy Cameron on Osages Destiny with a time of 14.931
Saturday 1D winner Karsyn Daniels on ZZs Jetting Muffin with a time of 14.798
Sunday 1D winner Martha Wright on BH Dash of Ginger with a time of 14.769
Total Show Payout $42,613.29