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WWP NRS June 8, 2022

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Open 1D winner Denny Ralls on SV Southern Comfort with a time of 17.397
Total Payout $3,308.00

The Richest Dinosaur Classic Jan 27 – 30 2022 Results

01/28/2022 Open 1D winner Kassie Mowry on Sir Epic with a time of 14.688
01/29/2022 Open 1D winner London Gorham on Fortunes Flame with a time of 14.577
01/30/2022 Open 1D winner Monica Gillespie on Streaking Buck Naked with a time of 14.883
Total Payout $137,724.40

Money and Beaches Results May 29th Northcrest Arena

Open 1D Winner Kassie Mowry on Cp he will be epic With a time of 15.048
TOTAL PAYOUT $83,274.00
PBRIP Payout Not included in Payout

Myristol Parker County Arena May 15, 2021

Open 1D winner Stevi Hillman on Famous Lemon Drop with a time of 15.58
Total Payout $13,008.10

WWP Cleburne March 18, 2021

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1D winner Terryn Harvey on MS Bold Moonlight with a time of 15.685
Total Payout $1,176.00

BRAT Season XX Race 5 SVCC November 29, 2020 Searchable Results

Open 1D winner Tayla Moeykens on Dash of Blue Sky with a time of 15.508 
Total Payout $13,212.40

Ultra Cruz Parker County Arena May 15-16, 2020

Open 1D winner Cayla Small on Slick N Black with a time of 15.645
Total Payout $34,243.66

Jackpot at the Expo July 12, 2016

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1D winner Emma Chapman on Royal with a time of 15.362
Total Payout $1,832

2016 WWP Memorial Day $1,000 Cowtown Coliseum Results

Cowtown Coliseum, Ft Worth Texas for Photo Tour click here To view placings by class type one of the following in the search… Open Adult Youth Senior