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BBR Southern Territorial Results Sept 30 – Oct 2, 2022

09/30/2022 Warmup 1D winner Megan Swint on For Heaven Seis with a time of 15.007
10/01/2022 Open 1D winner Dusky Lynn Hall on Troublenvrlooksogood with a time of 14.752
10/02/2022 Open 1D winner Skyler Nicholas on Perrywater Dash with a time of 14.687
Total Payout $109,137.31

WWP Breeders Challenge Ardmore, OK July 22-24, 2022

07/22/2022 Open 1D winner Lindsay Bullard on KD Baby Driver with a time of 15.352
07/23/2022 Open 1D winner Ashley Schafer on Famous Cash Can with a time of 15.091
07/24/2022 Open 1D winner Rylee Leach on Louie Bug with a time of 15.070
WWP Total Payout $50,110.00

WWP NRS July 13, 2022

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Open 1D winner Ashley Gray on DD Hard Cash King with a time of 17.461
Total Payout $3,199.00

The Richest Dinosaur Classic Jan 27 – 30 2022 Results

01/28/2022 Open 1D winner Kassie Mowry on Sir Epic with a time of 14.688
01/29/2022 Open 1D winner London Gorham on Fortunes Flame with a time of 14.577
01/30/2022 Open 1D winner Monica Gillespie on Streaking Buck Naked with a time of 14.883
Total Payout $137,724.40

Glen Rose Summer Classic August 26-29 2021 Searchable Results

08/26/2021 Open 1D winner Morgan Bagnell on RR TooSkick Eye Mist with a time of 15.152
08/27/2021 Open 1D winner JOLENE MONTGOMERY on Jet Fuel Only with a time of 14.863
08/28/2021 Open 1D winner Wyatt Paul on FC Strait Cajun with a time of 14.903
08/29/2021 Open 1D winner Shaylee Hindman on Fresnos Poco Charm with a time of 14.854
Total Payout $46,196.00

Money and Beaches Results May 29th Northcrest Arena

Open 1D Winner Kassie Mowry on Cp he will be epic With a time of 15.048
TOTAL PAYOUT $83,274.00
PBRIP Payout Not included in Payout

Melissa Mackie Memorial May 21 22, 2021

05/21/2021 Open 1D winner Tara Carr on Jess Dee with a time of 14.875
05/22/2021 Open 1D winner Taylor Baize on Bo with a time of 14.834
Total Payout $42,697.00

WWP Cleburne April 8, 2021

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1D winner Jessica Morris on Vinny with a time of 15.339
Total Payout $1,053.00

2020 Glen Rose Summer Classic Searchable Results

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08/27/2020 Open 1D winner Kathy Fields on Regarding Numbers with a time of 15.200
08/28/2020 Open 1D winner Kylee Scribner on Firewater Cartel with a time of 14.851
08/29/2020 Open 1D winner Micah Wallace on Brownies little Red with time of 14.966
08/30/2020 Open 1D winner Lisa Nicholas on Stoli My Guy with a time of 14.927
Total Payout $53,812.02

WWP 2nd Annual Platinum & Roses 5D Results

Saturday Open 1D winner Brie Wells on Frosted Shares with a time of 16.540
Sunday Open 1D winner Dona Kay Rule on High Valor with time of 16.165
Total Payout $25,004.00

Elite Extravaganza and Elite Futurity March 12-15, Waco, Tx

03/12/2020 HHA Futurity 1D winner JANNA BROWN on JETS TOP GUN with a time of 14.935
03/13/2020 HHA Futurity 1D winner MAGGIE CARTER on TRES LECHE with a time of 14.983
03/14/2020 HHA Futurity Short-Go Fast Time 1D winner DACOTA MONK on FAMOUS LEMON DROP with a time of 14.84
03/14/2020 Open 1D winner WENDA JOHNSON on DREAMS FIRST FLASH with a time of 14.778
03/15/2020 Open 1D winner KYSAN BUCKNER on HES FURIOUS with item of 14.66
Open Average Incentive 1D winner WENDA JOHNSON on DREAMS FIRST FLASH with a time of 29.528
Total Payout $238,843.66


Open 1D winner Shelby McCamey on Cuz Im French with a time of 15.534
Total Payout $19,876.00

WWP Cleburne December 19, 2019

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1D winner Kurt Sears on JK Dashing Dollie with a time of 16.076
Total Payout $1,120.00

BRAT Christmas Classic December 6-8, 2019

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12/06/2019 OPEN 1D winner Pete One on VC GoGo Fling with a time of 15.5
12/07/2019 OPEN 1D winner Emily Efurd on Dreamin Ta Heaven with a time of 15.15
12/08/2019 Open 1D winner Jimmie Smith on Lena On the Rocks with a time of 14.894
Total Payout $31,560.13

Cube IT Weatherford November 30, 2019

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Open 1D winner DeAnn Morgan on Colour Me Fast with a time of 15.686
Total Payout $15160.16

Maxdale Cowboy Church Open – Hamilton May 11, 2019 Results

Open 1D winner Brittany Tonozzi with a time of 16.746
Total Payout $13,817.00