BRAT Spring Fling Results Searchable March 26, 2022

Open 1D winner Alyssa Lockhart on LLP Silent Prayer with a time of 15.898
Total Payout $ 10,444.80

WWP Cleburne Feb 10, 2022

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Open 1D winner Kim Schulze on Oh M Gee I’m Famous with a time of 15.673
Total Payout $2,669.00

WWP Cleburne November 4, 2021

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1D winner Kelly Allen on Cinco with a time of 15.316
Total Payout $1,656.00

The Sapphire Run Black Gold Arena Sept 25 – Searchable Results

Open 1D winner Jana Riley on JLR One Slick Guy with a time of 17.109
Total Payout $12961.00

Glen Rose Summer Classic August 26-29 2021 Searchable Results

08/26/2021 Open 1D winner Morgan Bagnell on RR TooSkick Eye Mist with a time of 15.152
08/27/2021 Open 1D winner JOLENE MONTGOMERY on Jet Fuel Only with a time of 14.863
08/28/2021 Open 1D winner Wyatt Paul on FC Strait Cajun with a time of 14.903
08/29/2021 Open 1D winner Shaylee Hindman on Fresnos Poco Charm with a time of 14.854
Total Payout $46,196.00

CC5D Reunion Race Stephenville October 18-20, 2019 Updated Results

10/18/2019 Open 1D winner DEVEN RIGGINS on SV SOUTHERN COMFORT with a time of 15.738
10/19/2019 Open 1D winner MARTHA JORDAN on JL FOURXAFAME with a time of 15.331
10/20/2019 Open 1D winner KASSIE MOWRY on FAMOUS LADIES MAN with a time of 15.326
Total Payout $35,834.75

ESMS Weatherford October 12, 2019

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OPEN 1D winner Nisa Berry on VF Look Im Back with a time of 15.704
Total Payout $11,762.72

Runnin Late For Love Results March 4, 2014

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