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2022 Glen Rose Summer Classic Searchable Results

07/07/2022 Open 1D winner Sophie Nolen on Data A Guy Streakin with a time of 14.990
07/08/2022 Open 1D winner Tana Trosper on Shiney Cartel with a time of 14.962
07/09/2022 Open 1D winner Scamper Cole on IMA EPIC HUSTLER with a time of 14.715
07/10/2022 Open 1D winner Sophie Palmore on JL Jamaican Me Rich with a time of 14.701
Total Payout $57,920.98

Melissa Mackie 2nd Annual Memorial Barrel Race May 20 – 21, 2022

05/20/2022 Open 1D winner Jana Riley on JLR Fire On Parade on 14.714
05/21/2022 Open 1D winner Sydney Frey on JDS Warrior with a time of 14.768
Total Payout $46,944.00

WWP Cowtown Coliseum Dec 19, 2021

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Open 1D winner Adrianna Ruckteschler on Seville de Coup with a time of 13.832
Total Payout $35,730.00

2021 The Cowgirl Gathering

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Open 1D winner Shae Franklin on Go Daddi with a time of 13.714
Total Payout $125,414.00

Glen Rose Summer Classic August 26-29 2021 Searchable Results

08/26/2021 Open 1D winner Morgan Bagnell on RR TooSkick Eye Mist with a time of 15.152
08/27/2021 Open 1D winner JOLENE MONTGOMERY on Jet Fuel Only with a time of 14.863
08/28/2021 Open 1D winner Wyatt Paul on FC Strait Cajun with a time of 14.903
08/29/2021 Open 1D winner Shaylee Hindman on Fresnos Poco Charm with a time of 14.854
Total Payout $46,196.00

WWP Spring Fling Buckle Series May 13, 2021

Open 1D winner Delaney Siebert on Guys Classy Colours with a time of 15.631
Total Payout $4,533.00

2020 The Cowgirl Gathering Results

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Open 1D winner Amberleigh Moore on Blue Duck Down with a time of 13.708
Total Payout $102,394.00

WWP 2nd Annual Platinum & Roses 5D Results

Saturday Open 1D winner Brie Wells on Frosted Shares with a time of 16.540
Sunday Open 1D winner Dona Kay Rule on High Valor with time of 16.165
Total Payout $25,004.00

WWP Fall Barrel Classic Cowtown December 8, 2019

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Open 1D winner Sherri Barnes on Famous Little Jet with a time of 13.771
Total Payout $11,360.00