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Jackpot @ The Expo Jan 18, 2023 Results

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1D winner Kelly Bruner on tres with a time of 14.599
Total Payout $5404

WWP Breeders Challenge Ardmore, OK July 22-24, 2022

07/22/2022 Open 1D winner Lindsay Bullard on KD Baby Driver with a time of 15.352
07/23/2022 Open 1D winner Ashley Schafer on Famous Cash Can with a time of 15.091
07/24/2022 Open 1D winner Rylee Leach on Louie Bug with a time of 15.070
WWP Total Payout $50,110.00

2022 Glen Rose Summer Classic Searchable Results

07/07/2022 Open 1D winner Sophie Nolen on Data A Guy Streakin with a time of 14.990
07/08/2022 Open 1D winner Tana Trosper on Shiney Cartel with a time of 14.962
07/09/2022 Open 1D winner Scamper Cole on IMA EPIC HUSTLER with a time of 14.715
07/10/2022 Open 1D winner Sophie Palmore on JL Jamaican Me Rich with a time of 14.701
Total Payout $57,920.98

Destry’s Free 4 All Searchable Results

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Open 1D winner Jana Riley on JLR Fire on Parade with a time of 14.588
Total Cash Payout $ 75,085.54

Money and Beaches Results May 29th Northcrest Arena

Open 1D Winner Kassie Mowry on Cp he will be epic With a time of 15.048
TOTAL PAYOUT $83,274.00
PBRIP Payout Not included in Payout

WWP Spring Fling Buckle Series May 6, 2021

Open 1D winner Kassidy McKee on Real EZ Fame with a time of 15.921
Total Payout $3,109.00

WWP NRS April 21, 2021

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Open 1D winner Sherri Barnes on Racing For Perks with a time of 17.481
Total Payout $1,543.00

Dinosaur Classic January 28 -31, 2021 Searchable Results

01/28/2021 Open 1D winner Keyla Polizello Costa on Zumanity Cristal CMV with a time of 14.787
01/29/2021 Futurity 1D winner Sierra Melby on Aflingwithfreckles with a time of 14.871
01/29/2021 Open 1D winner Kassie Mowry on Epic Guy with a time of 14.542
01/30/2021 Futurity 1D winner MOLLI MONTGOMERY on The Woman Loves Fame with a time of 14.758
01/30/2021 Open 1D winner Dustin Angelle on VF Born Famous with a time of 14.518
Total Payout $209,080.46