Melissa Mackie 2nd Annual Memorial Barrel Race May 20 – 21, 2022

05/20/2022 Open 1D winner Jana Riley on JLR Fire On Parade on 14.714
05/21/2022 Open 1D winner Sydney Frey on JDS Warrior with a time of 14.768
Total Payout $46,944.00

2021 The Cowgirl Gathering

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Open 1D winner Shae Franklin on Go Daddi with a time of 13.714
Total Payout $125,414.00

Melissa Mackie Memorial May 21 22, 2021

05/21/2021 Open 1D winner Tara Carr on Jess Dee with a time of 14.875
05/22/2021 Open 1D winner Taylor Baize on Bo with a time of 14.834
Total Payout $42,697.00

2016 Rose Palace Run for Bling Results

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Saturday Main Race 1D winner PATTON LYNCH on TINY BIT FRENCH with a time of 15.452
Sunday Main Race 1D winner KENNA SQUIRES on TELLEM IM FAMOUS with a time of 15.433
Total Show Payout $48,702.69

Kelly Kaminski Run For Vegas May 14-15, 2016 Results

Run For Vegas & Rockem Sockem Go Memorial May 14-15 2016 Race 1 And Race 2 Bryan, Texas To view just the money earners type $ in the search To view… Read more »