WWP Ft Worth June 8-9, 2019

06/08/2019 Open 1D winner Andrea Cline on Cruz N Ta Fame with a time of 16.937
06/08/2019 Best In West 1D winner Acey Pinkston on Laico Corona with a time of 16.96
06/09/2019 Open 1D winner Kassie Mowry on Dashing Canell with a time of 16.837
Total Payout without Best In West Sunday results $35,500.00

D&D – Abilene April 12-14, 2019

Main Race 1 1D winner Judi Reed on South Western Sixpack with a time of 15.187
Main Race 2 1D winner Mark Bugni on All About XS N OS FF with a time of 15.152
Main Race 3 1D winner Dena Kirkpatrick on Gracies Lane with a time of 15.149
Total Payout $71,582.35